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Inspired by Love, Light & Life!

Welcome to On3SayCheese.com, TransformingPhotography.com and NevadaHotShots.com.

Whether Christopher Hughes Ellis has his camera pressed against his cheek or you bump into him on the street, you'll immediately notice his smile, enjoy his laugh and be infected by his presence.

You may think Chris Ellis is in the photography business, however, Christoper Hughes Ellis is really in the feelings business. Chris's photographs will cause you to be Touched, Moved and Inspired. Chris understands that his photography is not about him and ALL about his clients. Chris is able to blend into any environment and he has a unique ability to capture the true essence of people, places, animals and events.

Chris would love the opportunity to discover what you want in a photo shoot. Once Christopher understands your vision, Chris will bring his years of experience to the table in order to co-create a shoot that is specific and attainable to your wants, needs and desires.

A word from Chris...

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my website. With the encouragement and support of my friends and family, I am now enjoying my passion and being compensated for my work.

I love to laugh as most of you already know and all of my work is generated by referral, so please do not keep me a secret. Until we share that next laugh and smile together, I will be praying that you experience Love, Peace, Joy, Freedom and Abundance!

God Bless You!!!

Smiles : )'s Chris

Christopher Hughes Ellis



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